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 Chen-style Taijiquan in Munich 

Authentic Kungfu from China

Develop strength, skill and concentration

We train an ancient form of Taijiquan, or “boxing of the Yin-Yang principle”, a martial art from northern China that combines fighting techniques with functional training, body work and mindfulness.

Our martial art was passed down within the Chen family and is also known as Gongfujia - a "frame for developing deep skill".


Taijiquan is part of the complex Chinese Kungfu tradition: a practice with which we develop healthy physical strength, discover fighting skills and at the same time challenge and train our mind.

Our training group


Currently we host workshops on the weekends on various topics:

Basic training methods of Internal Martial Arts

Basic fighting methods of Internal Martial Arts

Form and applications of Chen-Style Taijiquan

Pushhands and wrestling of Taijiquan

Where and how do we train?

During the colder months we train indoors, at Rosenheimer Str. 189. When it is warm enough to train outdoors we will also have workshops in one of the Munich parks.

Some workshops require specific equipment, like boxing gloves. The info will be given for each workshop.

Our teacher in Munich

Daniel Barth

My first exposure to martial arts was Taekwondo as a teenager. The spark didn't quite jump over, but my interest was piqued. After a short excursion into Japanese disciplines, I found my way to the Chinese traditions. Here too I was able to try out different styles until I started training Chen-style Taijiquan.


As part of my Sinology studies, I was able to spend one year in Beijing from 2005 to 2006, learning Taijiquan from Zhou Jige, who was Chen Yu's top tudi (student accepted into the generational structure) at that time. It was my first contact with “real” Taijiquan and had a strong influence on my understanding of martial arts. Back in Munich, I continued practicing for two more years, but then put my martial arts training into hibernation for a total of five years. Back then, no one else practiced this type of Taijiquan.

I then resumed my martial arts training with a two-year excursion into the southern style Choy Lay Fut - a very powerful, dynamic system. Ultimately, it was the very demanding, detailed method of Chen Family Kungfu that excited me the most. So my path led me back to Taijiquan in 2016. Meanwhile, Nabil Ranné and Konstantin Berberich had created the CTND, and thus offered those interested in Chen Yu's Taijiquan a contact point in Germany.


Are you interested in our training group? Or you have questions about our Taijiquan? Then send us a message!

We will get back to you shortly!

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